There is that sometimes clothes in fitting rooms look so nice, but returning home you understand that it is quite inappropriate to your shape, type or color of your clothes.

There the most common mistakes that woman make in fitting rooms.

Shopping with a flock of friends. You should not pick a lot of friends for shopping, because there might be a lot of different opinions and it can confuse you.

Shopping only weekends.

Most people go for shopping on the weekends, so if you do not want to push yourself in the crowd take the another day of the week.

The best shopping is when you are in the calm and quiet mood.

New clothes fitting – only therapy for you.

You should not go to the store to fix your mood.

If you go while being in a bad mood, you risk to buy clothes that did not fits to you and you can spend more money on things you do not need or really like.

Shopping during a lunch break. Lunch time is limited, so when you decide to go for shopping you risk to buy the first thing you saw.

Shopping should take enough time, then you will find something that is for you.